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“Children’s exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences is the greatest unaddressed public health threat of our time.”

- Robert W.Block

ACE development

Youth developing in violent, abusive, and traumatic environments are tormented daily and gravely affected for the remainder of their lives. The proper name for these life-threating events is Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).


Due to the exposure of early childhood trauma, student’s societal norms began to change during key developmental stages, and expectations and behaviors that once lined up with their age, no longer match. Studies continue to show how adversity can cause high-risk behaviors in children, which include intense feelings of fear, terror and helplessness. When these types of adversities happen to often they began to release toxic levels of stress hormones resulting to the damage of physical health and mental health, including a change in the brains response systems. According to the Center of Child Health (CCH), research has found that the risk for negative outcomes increases with the number of adversities; in other words, children who have experienced multiple adversities are substantially more likely to be negatively affected than children who have only experienced one.


As we found out during the pandemic our youth are facing more than on threat. M-PACK would like to have the opportunity to provide proactive preventative factors that will mitigate the affects of ACEs amongst youth by providing a certified professional life coaching after-school enrichment program.

M-PACK would like to create a social intellectual experience for youth living through Adverse Childhood Experiences or have parents who suffer from ACEs:

Ages 7-14

We create an intellectual experience environmentally, socially, economically.

We will create an intellectual environmental experience by taking them to new places.


We will create intellectual social experiences by cultivating an environment of human interaction.


We will create an intellectual economical experience by teaching them the relation between the amount of money, time or effort spent.

Against ACE's


M-PACK is looking for 250 monthly givers to fight with us against Adverse Childhood Experience with a gift of just $25 per month. Help us defeat a beatable adversary.


Join the fight, because this means war!

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