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A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment.




Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Raised in Carrollton Ga, Demarcus grew up with a love for enlightenment and helping others, most of which stems from his deep belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wasn’t always sensitive to people’s pain, sometimes being naïve he’d say things that would hurt instead of heal. However, as time progressed and his experiences became deeper, he learned that you cannot relate to a persons problems unless you are doing life with them, in his words, “ if a person is drowning in the deep end very seldom are they saved by a person who often is swimming in the shallow end”.


Demarcus began his journey as a sign shaker with the Little Caesars in his community, where he’d work his way up to becoming a store manager. While working at the Little Caesars, he also would volunteer with the non-profit SNJ golf academy, where he would teach at-risk youth to play the game of Golf. He worked directly under the founder Sam Neely Jr, where he learned all of his knowledge about running a non-profit. The target population was middle school at-risk youth and Sam and Demarcus found great success working side by side. But, as time progressed and Sam being much older than Demarcus, he had to slow down, coming to a complete stop.


This left Demarcus with a tough decision to make, continue the cause or let it go. He decided to continue as the acting operator of the non-profit ( SNJ Golf academy), the school loved it so much they hired Demarcus part time. The challenge became keeping kids interested in golf while the age of social media was beckoning. As great as Demarcus was at building relationships and making the game of golf fun, it was not the right vehicle to reach at risk youth. The school let him go after one year without Mr. Neely.


The SNJ Golf Academy could not be saved and came to a complete stop. During that time Demarcus would go on to deepen his understanding of what at-risk youth really needed. He would go on to work as a; youth minister, football coach, basketball coach, soccer coach, community support individual and transporter for foster kids at phoenix resource center, mobile staff support for Kidspeace, enrichment coach for boys and girls club summer camps and worked 5 years as a para- professional in a classroom for Special Ed students with the Georgia Network of Therapeutic education. He also got called back to teach Life skills and leadership at the school that he taught golf.


At this point Demarcus had his heart and soul in it. So he channeled all of his education, resources, and energy into creating the non-profit M-PACK (Molding Passionate Active Creative Kids, Corp.). His dream is for M-PACK to be the number one childcare provider not only in his community but also around the world. As a certified professional life coach Demarcus brings out the absolute best from youth who come from the absolute worst situations.


“When youth are introduced to enrichments and activities such as golf, chess, public speaking and financial literacy, indirectly, we allow them the opportunity to be removed from inappropriate high stress situations and introduce them to more appropriate ones.” 

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